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Appointment Confirmations & Reminders

Appointment Confirmation Text Message

Allow your customers to confirmation their appointments directly through email and sms text messages.
ConfirmByEmail can automatically send a message with the details of upcoming appointments.

  • Email & text messages
  • Customization of wording and formatting
  • Allows for easy confirmations
  • Reach customers 24/7

Decrease no-shows by giving your customers a written reminder. Save yourself time by automating.

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Customer Retention

Regular customer visits are vital to your company's success. Easily remind customers of unscheduled recall appointments to keep your appointment book filled.

Automatically keep your customer informed to increase the level of care you provide. Increased retention means increased revenue.


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 Customer Surveys & Reviews

Feedback from your customers is invaluable. Use your poor reviews to improve your business and your good reviews as testimonials.
  • Easily ask for customer feedback
  • Customize your survey questions
  • Promote reviews online

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Customer Reactivation

Don't lose those customers you haven't seen in a while just because you are too busy to call. ConfirmByEmail will automatically email those customers to bring them back again and again.


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Online Marketing

Attract potential customers with our effective public business profile page. Promote your business with your reviews and link to your favorite social media pages.

Use the e-Newsletters to send out frequent information to your customers. Send promotions to attract even more business.


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Management Software Integration

Integration into your scheduling and management software is simple with our Cloud Connect. Easily sync information with ConfirmByEmaill.

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And Much More

ConfirmByEmail comes with many more advanced features such as:
  • Highly customizable emails and text messages
  • Realtime recall
  • Semi-automated sending for complete control
  • Family awareness
  • Simple user interface

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Staff & patients have reacted positively to the use of ConfirmByEmail.
Both find the service a very time effective tool.
Our two receptionists calculate that they each save at least 1.5 hours per day by having this service.
-Sherry M