Find yourself typing the same email or text again and again.

Save your time with our Canned Message Templates.

Create a template once and send it to any patient you'd like.

Use this for any type of message you want. Overdue accounts, appointment follow-up instructions, or even special occasions.

To get started, head over to your System Setup.
You'll find the Canned Messages in the Admin menu.
Create, edit and delete your email and text templates.

Time to send a template. Open a patient's information through the patient search.
Click on the  in the email field or the  in the mobile field.

Select a template. Edit any [NOTE] tag to customize your message and hit send.

Simple and quick.

Canned Messages

  • Quickly send repetitive email and texts
  • Send any kind of message you can think of
  • Highly customizable
  • Included in ConfirmByEmail Pro