Have a few patients that are constantly running late?
Heard every excuse in the book?

Introducing Timeshift.
Timeshift can automatically adjust the appointment time on reminders by a few minutes.
Your patient is asked to come early which means when they are late, they'll be right on time.
Keep your schedule running on time by keeping patients on time.

You can find the Timeshift settings for each patient in their Communication Preferences.

Thank You Snoozing
We love patient feedback. It's easy with the ConfirmByEmail Thank You emails.
But what if your patient is scheduled for 3 appointments within 2 weeks?
With Snooze we'll only ask them once for feedback. Keep your communication relevant and timely with Snoozing.

The Snooze settings is found in the Thank You event settings.

Consent Engine Changes
July 2017 is coming soon. This means there will be changes to the Canadian Anti Spam Law.
With an adjustment in the ConfirmByEmail Consent Engine settings you can stay within the law easily.