The Canadian government has changed their anti-spam laws as of July 1st, 2014.

This greatly effects small businesses including; dental, optical, and veterinarian clinics. If you email or
text message your patients you must learn the new changes. Fines can reach up to $10 million for those
that break the new rules.

While we won't go into detail what the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law entails, I encourage you to go to
the following site to get the details:

One of the most important aspects of the new law is to obtain 'express' consent from your patients.
Express consent is required for any Commercial Electronic Message (CEM).

Examples of these types of messages would be recall / recare reminders, reactivation reminders,
newsletters and promotions.

Consent may be provided in a multiple of ways, including written or verbal. It is important to note that
you must be able to provide the following information in the case of a consent dispute: how consent
was obtained, when it was obtained, why it was obtained, and the manner in which it was obtained.

To sum up what the changes have done: patients must now explicitly 'opt-in' to any CEMs.

This is a huge time consuming burden on small businesses! ConfirmByEmail again comes to the

We have recently released the Integrated Consent Engine (ICE). The new ICE is built directly into
ConfirmByEmail CDF. You will find it in your System Setup now.

What will ConfirmByEmail ICE do?

ICE is able to request consent automatically from your existing patients by email. It can also request
consent from new future patients as you obtain them. Once setup, it takes care of the rest.

While the new CASL may be confusing and come as a huge responsibility, we assist you with
integrating into your processes.