Customer Retention

Realtime Recall

Regular visits by your customers is profitable for your business and is also very beneficial to them. Continual visits can be the difference between your appointment book being empty or full.

Keeping an existing customer is also far less expensive as obtaining a new one.

ConfirmByEmail makes this even easier with our Realtime Recall. Automatically contact your customers based upon the recall dates within your management system.



Set It and Forget It!

Once setup, ConfirmByEmail will take all of the time consuming work out of contacting your unscheduled customers.

Just making it easy for your customers to schedule their recalls gives you the best chance of seeing them again.

Staff & patients have reacted positively to the use of ConfirmByEmail.
Both find the service a very time effective tool.
Our two receptionists calculate that they each save at least 1.5 hours per day by having this service.
-Sherry M