Care Call Alerts

Don't Let Customers Fall Through The Cracks

care call alertsCare Call Alerts ensure your customers are receiving the ongoing care that they require.

Be notified of which customers to contact on specific criteria. When used in conjunction with Recall and Reactivation Email Reminders you'll be sure you are reaching out to all customers.

Skip the monthly reports and bulk calling. Care Call Alerts simplifies the process while keeping a even day to day operation.

Performance TrackingPerformance Tracking

You only know how good you are if you record your performance.

Care call alert tracking can track all communication made to your customers. 

Be sure your actives are producing the results you want.

Easy to understand results and tracking.

We've been using ConfirmByEmail for some time now and would not want it to end.
Confirming is an important part of any successful office and email has made a difference. Just the less phone calls has been great by giving us more time for other office work.
-Lynne C