The small town of Drumheller, Alberta made world headlines in February. The town of only 8000 people found something that sent shockwaves throughout the world. The find: a very large dinosaur skull.  The discovery was made even more shocking because people have been literally walking right over this treasure for decades.  The skull was thought to be plain old rock in a local park.  An eagle eyed research assistant made the biggest dinosaur discovery in 50 years simply because she took a second look at something right in front of her eyes.

Let’s go back to 1968.  Dr. Spencer Silver, a scientist at a chemical company, was trying to develop a super strong adhesive.  It was a complete failure.  The adhesive he created did not dry and would not stick to anything. It was thought to be useless. The formula remained on the shelf for 5 years.  Enter another employee of the chemical company named Art Fry.  He was looking for a bookmark for his hymn book.  He noticed that this failed project was strong enough to stick to a surface but could be repositioned without leaving any residue.  He applied the adhesive to the bookmark and stuck in his hymnal.  The bookmark worked perfectly.  In 1980, Art Fry’s discovery became the world famous Post-It Note.

Let’s travel back further to the 50s.  George De Mestral was coming back into the house after walking his dog.  His dog’s fur was covered in cockleburs.  Instead of simply removing them and going on with his day, he noticed how perfectly the cockleburs adhered to his dog’s fur.  He closely examined the cocklebur and discovered tiny hooks which explained how the cockleburs attached themselves to his dog.  He began to experiment with different materials and eventually settled on nylon.  In 1955, the world was introduced to Velcro.

Sometimes the solutions to many of our problems are staring us right in the face.  Let’s take a look at the computers in your office.  Your staff is always complaining about them, rebooting them and your IT guy always seems to be fixing them.  Why not use them to their full potential? Why not use them to automatically confirm patient appointments, post patient surveys and tell patients when their recall appointment is due?  Use your powerful computer network to solve all your patient problems by installing a full patient communication suite like ConfirmByEmail.

Like a dinosaur skull that was thought to be a worthless rock, a failed glue that turned into one of the most used office supplies in the world and an ordinary dog’s coat covered with cockleburs, take another what is right in front of you and solve all your patient communication problems with ConfirmByEmail.