In 2010, Michael Dublin met Mark Levin at a party and they started talking about the world’s problems.  The subject of shaving came up.  They complained about how ridiculously expensive razors were.

Problem Into Profit

They talked about how razors were a serious consumer rip-off.   This conversation spawned an idea.  In July 2011, $35000 paid for a website that launched Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club provides low cost razors that are mailed to clients every month. Today, Dollar Shave Club has over 200,000 subscribers.

That same year, Derek left his coat in a corner a nightclub not wanting to wear his coat on the dance floor. When he went back to retrieve it, the coat was gone. In 2012, Derek Pacque started CoatChex. He secured contracts to offer services to big companies checking large volumes of coats using QR codes and a phone app. On ABC’s Shark Tank, he was offered $100,000 and turned it down.

Jackson Galaxy was a musician at night and worked at an animal shelter during the day.  He spent his days caring for abandoned animals.  He came up with the idea of preventing the animals from getting to the shelters in the first place by becoming a Cat Behaviourist.  He started visiting homes to correct objectionable cat behaviour so the cat would never end up at a shelter..  In 2007, Jackson Galaxy opened a private practice where he has since saved an estimated 4 million animals from a shelter. Galaxy also wrote the book Cat Daddy and now stars in Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell now in it’s 4th season.

Turn your problems into profits.  Why not sit in your waiting room and read the magazines for an hour?  Listen to your staff answer phone calls and spot problems. Why are your patients calling your practice?  Is it to book appointments or find out driving directions?  Do they know when they are due for treatment?  Turn these problems into profit by installing software that educates your patients.  Why not automate the process of informing your patients of when they are due for a recall visit? ConfirmByEmail automatically informs your patients of when their appointment is, where your practice is located and when they are due to come back for a recall visit. 

Join Dollar Shave Club, Jackson Galaxy and CoatChex and turn your problems into profits with ConfirmByEmail!