A Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

Eliminate Left Turns

In 2004, UPS began to notice the inefficiency of left turns when making package deliveries.  According to the press release on UPS’ website, using complicated algorithms, they devised a delivery system that would eliminated unnecessary left turns.  This made deliveries faster and saved UPS 10 million gallons in gas. 

Forbes reported Minute Maid shipped Walmart's orange juice directly from Minute Maid production facilities to Walmart distribution centers. By eliminating shipping to Minute Maid distribution centers, the move increased the shelf life of the orange juice by 6 days and saved countless hours of shipping time. 

Ikea eliminated air and unused space from a tea light candle product package. According to Forbes, this small change allowed IKEA to get 40% more of the candles on a pallet.

These real world success stories show the large impact of one small change. Small changes like these work for businesses no matter how large or small.  The experiences of UPS, Walmart, Minute Maid and IKEA can be used in your practice to increase efficiency and make your bottom line more attractive. 

Automating tasks, such as reminding patients of their appointments, can save your staff at a minimum several hours a day.  Why not convert the 3 phone calls your front staff places in an attempt to confirm an appointment into one click of an email link sent by an automated system?   How much time would that save in one week, one month or one year?

Your business depends on informing patients when they need to be seen by your practice.  This involves your staff generating reports and calling those people that do not have their recall appointments booked.  Why not automate this task and have it done automatically?  When you automate this task every patient is informed of when they need to be seen by your practice.  This makes your practice look even more organized and professional.  How many hours would automating this task generate in one week, one month or one year?

Small changes can create big results. Take a few minutes today and see what you can automate in your practice.