Running any business is a hard job, you need to work hard not only to keep your customers happy, but also to attract new customers.


This isn’t any different when it comes to dental practices, and can be more difficult. There can be a lot of variables that decide if you are able to attract new customers, so you may end up wondering, how to get more patients into your dental practice.

  • Feedback

The use of feedback can be a vital tool in learning how your practice is running, and how it can be improved. Getting people to leave feedback can be very difficult, and it is more likely that they will give it when something goes wrong, as opposed to if it goes right.

Using a service like ConfirmByEmail will give your patients a simple way to leave their comments. Actively encouraging patients to leave feedback, without badgering them, can work, as many may not consider leaving feedback otherwise.

Using the feedback is also important, you need to approach both good and bad in a constructive way. Good feedback can be used in testimonials on advertising and on your website, it’s also good to let the rest of your staff know when someone gives good feedback as this will motivate them.

Bad feedback isn’t always welcome, but you should use it to improve the performance of the practice. If there is an issue that can be rectified, then this should be considered. It may also help if future feedback forms mentioned this area to see if there is any improvement considered by the patients.

  • Referrals

One way to attract more patients is referrals from existing patients. Many patients will be happy to refer others to your practice, especially if you offer a discount on future treatment for any successful referral made.

Word of mouth is always a good way to get new patients, and they are often enthusiastic because of the good feedback given by the referrer.

Again, using ConfirmByEmail makes it easy and more likely for your patients to send in their referrals.

  • Local Advertising

When considering how to get more patients into your dental practice, advertising is one of the tried and tested ways to attract more business. The way that you advertise, and the area that you cover are important to how successful it is.

You should concentrate on a local area approximately 5km from your practice. This will pick up those who are looking for a local dental practice, without going so far out that people rule your practice out for being too far.