They say selling to a new customer is five times as much as to an existing one!
So why would you not focus on your existing patients to fill your appointment book?

Recall Appointment

The main reason we hear is because it takes too much time.

Let’s look at the benefits of staying on top of your recare!

 Your patients will receive better care. Everyone knows that regular dental checkups are able 

to prevent future issues. Cleanings and exams also catch potential problems early. This of
course helps your patient have the best oral health possible.

How much of your revenue is generated by cleaning and regular exams? And then ask yourself,
how many of your patients return on a regular basis?

Your yearly revenue is very dependent upon regular appointments. So focus on them. With
a few small changes to ensure you are scheduling more of your recall appointments your
bottom line with quickly increase.

It is advised to schedule your recare appointments when the patient is in the dental chair. This
takes only a few moments and ensures your patient has a time set aside for them in the
future. In-chair booking is a great way to fill your appointment book. Wouldn’t it be nice to see
a full appointment book 6 months into the future?

When you can’t schedule ahead, and not all patients like to schedule 6 to 12 months in advance,  
it can take a great deal of time and energy to schedule each patient. This is where ConfirmByEmail
comes in. Let us make your life easier! Our industry leading automated service can automatically remind
patients of unscheduled exams and cleanings. Our service ties directly into your patient management
system so we are contacting your patients exactly when they should be.  We also give your patients
an easy way to schedule their recall with you!