While the concept of Google reviews is very good, there are 3 major problems with them that 
you may not be aware of. The volumes of people that look at these reviews are very high.
With that in mind, you definitely need to know what the online reviews say about your business!
You also need to be made aware of the 3 major problems with Google reviews so that you can
ensure they don’t cause damage to reputation. Being proactive is very important.

Bad Google Review

Bad Google Reviews Are Forever
Once there are bad reviews in place on Google, there is no removing them. You can’t take them
down and Google isn’t going to do it for you. The first line of defense is not giving your patients
a reason to post negative comments about you and your business. 

If you do see negative reviews about your business on Google, try to get into contact with that
customer and make it right. Ask them to add to the review and to tell what the outcome was. You
can also write your own addition to the review to talk about action you have taken to solve a
particular problem. 

Flagging is the process of getting such problems and disputes recognized. However, Google
doesn’t take on the role of being an arbitrator as they allow both positive and negative reviews to
be posted. Freedom to openly talk about such concerns is part of why so many people rely on the
review system that Google offers. As long as the review isn’t using inappropriate language,
considered SPAM, and it isn’t advertising it will remain.

Anyone can Post Reviews
Google doesn’t have any method in place for monitoring who will post reviews. This means
anyone can do it. Unfortunately, a trend connected with bad Google reviews is for competitors to
post them. They do this to get people to stop buying from you and to look at what they offer.
This is legal but definitely not an ethical action to be taking. This type of slander is hard to prove
and it can cost you what would otherwise be new patients.

Monitoring Is Costly
You should be looking on a regular basis for new reviews. It is important to keep response
submissions done in a timely matter. This of course can be labour intensive for such a small
portion of your business procedures.

A solution to all of this is to ask your patients to place their reviews through a different service.
This can be automated method which gives them an easy way to let you know how you did.
Third party services should allow promotion of your good reviews online while also allowing
you to remove bad reviews. Such services will also notify you of any new reviews.