There is no doubt that social media has exploded all around us. Businesses often feel pushed into 

the use of social media since their competitors could get more recognit ion than they do. It isn’t
enough though to just take part in Social Media, you have to excel at it. Many business owners
admit they simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it; however, there are ways to get good
results that will actually take you less time than you are dedicating to it right now.

Overhyped Social Media

Is the Cost of Social Media Worth it for a Business

There is no doubt that keeping up-to-date with social media for a small business can be over
whelming. The overall investment of time and money, compared to the results, can be complex
to determine. What you will find is that you are spending more than you thought you would to
generate leads.

The cost of time is something you have to look at when reviewing results of your social media
marketing. If you are doing all the work yourself, is that productive for your business? Are other
needs of the business suffering? If you outsource the social media efforts, what is the cost?
Consistent and regular reviews should be done of your social media performance.
Be careful, as it is very easy for any business to spend much more than intended on social media
to reach their goals.

Community Involvement
A huge benefit of social media is using the conversation of customers and potential customers to
generate buzz. This shows up with Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.
The problem for small businesses is their customer base is much smaller. It also often requires
the business to start their social media from the ground up. This all requires a lot of time and
energy without a guarantee of performance.
Small companies will not see the benefits that many larger companies will.

Limited Functionality
Social media sites not only have limited funct ionalit y but each have their own “intended use”. It
is an encumbrance to be utilizing multiple tools across multiple social media websites when a
small business' main goal is to increase revenue.
This limited functionality just adds to advertising and marketing costs.

Evolving Services
Although social media services have been around for a few years, these services are continually
changing, updating, and evolving. Compare this to print ads or billboards; social media now
requires an extra amount of time to stay on top of the ongoing changes. This adds to the cost of
social media marketing without much benefit to the small business.

Take a Piece, Not the Whole Pie
Social media is not designed for the small business owner. It is for the mass public. Social media
is not an end-all, be-all, cheap and easy marketing tool!
With that said there are tools and methods to lower costs and get the most out of social media. It
is clear that social media will be around for years to come. It is up to each small business to find
a happy medium between a black hole for marketing dollars and the benefit of finding new