In the patient care industry it’s vital that you understand the wants and needs of your patients so 
they keep coming back. They should be interested in forging a long term relationship with you.
As they do so, they will also be telling their friends, family members, and co-workers about what
you offer. This can help you to branch out to more patients over time so that your business
continues to grow and thrive. Here are 5 ways you can ensure that patients are going to come back
to your practice.

Returning Customers

Effective communication is essential when you want to keep patients happy. They should feel
very comfortable talking to any of your staff about their needs. The receptionist should be very
kind and helpful both in person and on the phone. Poor service in this area can prevent people
from scheduling that first appointment. If they feel uneasy during their visit, they will not be
inclined to come back any time soon either. 

Finding that balance between personalized communication and being professional has to be in
place. Make sure staff aren’t asking questions or making statements that someone could
misinterpret or be offended by. Remembering birthdays, their children’s or pets’ names and other
details about their lives can make your patients feel very welcome during their appointment.
When they feel that they are an individual instead of just a name in the appointment book, they
are going to return.

The quality of care that a patient receives from you has to be top notch for them to want to return
or for them to desire to tell others they know, about your business. Make sure you use the
correct tools and have the right equipment on hand to do the necessary work for each patient.
Taking the time to explain the treatment needed to each patient will make them feel important. If
they feel that their time with you is rushed they are less likely to return.
Part of offering great quality in any patient environment is also being on time. Always
remember that your patients’ time is just as important as your own.

Automatic Reminder System
To help ensure that patients remember their appointments and show up on time, an automatic
reminder system should be used. This will let them know when their next appointment is. Missed
appointments cause unnecessary tension.
With an automatic reminder system, you have the perfect solution for reminding patients when
their preventative maintenance should be done; for example, when they should come in for an
annual exam or a six month dental cleaning. Staying on top of your patient's regular care is
beneficial to both your business and your patients.

Ask for Feedback
It’s important and beneficial to know how your customers feel about your services and the care
you provide, so ask for feedback. Good feedback can be used as testimonials and negative
feedback to improve your performance. It is a good idea use a service which automatically asks
your customers for their opinion.

USE The Feedback
Of course feedback isn’t going to do much for you if you don’t use it properly. The feedback that
your business receives needs to be a priority. If a particular patient wasn’t happy with something get
in contact with them and offer a solution. Recurring issues from several patients lets you know that you
need to make changes to your procedures. Solving problems quickly reduces the number of patients
that will never return.

Clear ongoing communication, quality care, care planning, feedback, and continuing
improvement will keep your patients coming back.