Learning how to use patient feedback to your benefit is very important. Positive feedback and
reviews can be used as testimonials while negative feedback can improve your business.

 Customer Feedback

Use Positive Feedback to Promote your Business
Positive feedback from your patients, can further promote
your business. Contact your patients 
and thank them
for sharing their positive experience. This sends a
powerful message. It shows

you care about and value their opinions. They will be very inclined to recommend your services.

Online Testimonials
Many businesses are hesitant when it comes to tooting their own horns, so they avoid online
testimonials. You should have them proudly displayed; it shows you are proven to be a very
positive business to work with. Potential patients will choose a practice that they feel
comfortable with. This is very hard to convey before they've had a chance to meet you. Online
testimonials help them to establish trust with you prior to their first appointment.

Offer an Easy Way to Receive Feedback
Always do your best to make sure that patients feel comfortable leaving you feedback. Using an
automated online patient communication service will allow your patients to leave you reviews. It
doesn’t require very much of your time and it also generates a lot of positive information.
Patients are much likely to leave feedback when they have a simple means of doing so.
The majority of people will not bother to let you know how you did unless you ask. The
automated system will take care of this for you.

Benefit from Negative Feedback
Getting negative feedback may seem disappointing, but it isn’t the end of the world. It gives you
the chance to do improve your business. You can take what you learn from the problem and find
a solution.
Ensure that you thank your patient for the feedback even though it is negative. If possible, offer a
solution or discount to make up for any problems that have occurred, and then look towards the
future. Make the necessary changes so the cause of the negative feedback does not happen again.

Always strive to do more
Many new ideas and products come directly from patient feedback, so listen closely, because
they can possibly generate a lot more revenue.
Make patients your number one priority by asking, accepting, and utilizing their feedback.