Appointment Confirmations and Reminders


Confirm Appointments By Email and Text MessageEmail and Text Message Appointment Reminders

What could you do with an extra hour or two per day? Our automated appointment reminders and confirmations can give you this time!

Allow your customers to easily confirm their upcoming appointment through email and text messages. 

With Cloud Connect doing all of the heavy lifting, you don't have to. The automated sync connects directly with your management software to obtain the latest customer information.


Family Awareness

family aware appointment remindersConfirmByEmail is family friendly.
Making things even easier by messaging parents about their children's appointments automatically.


Message Customization

Customize EmailsCustomize your messages to look perfect! Our advanced template editor allows your to customize every aspect you emails.

Include your own logo and other graphics. Add or cancellation policy or any other notes you would like to pass on to your customers.

You select when and how many reminders you want your customers to receive.

Staff & patients have reacted positively to the use of ConfirmByEmail.
Both find the service a very time effective tool.
Our two receptionists calculate that they each save at least 1.5 hours per day by having this service.
-Sherry M