Who Is ConfirmByEmail?

ConfirmByEmail's story begins in 2001.
Years ago, our founder Dean Weber, was working for the Dentrix technical support desk in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Call after call Dean assisted dental practices with their management software.

It wasn't very long until Dean noticed a tread in requests. Many of his calls included the question, "can't you just come here to fix my problem".
In 2004 Dean left Dentrix to start a business providing on-site computer support for dentists. The company has evolved to be called City Wide Dental Networks.
While the computer support business was very successful with many happy customers another common question began to trend, "can we send email appointment reminders".
Again Dean did not take long to fill this necessary need.

In 2008 City Wide Dental Networks introduced ConfirmByEmail.

ConfirmByEmail took on a life of it's own. It began as a simple to use utility to allow patients to confirm their appointments via email.
By the end of 2014 ConfirmByEmail had evolved into a full communication platform. Recall reminders, newsletters, text messaging, surveys and reviews.... the feature list continued to expand as well as the love for ConfirmByEmail.

City Wide Dental Networks had the perfect opportunity to take years of on-site experience to design and develop a extremely simple and effective communication service. It is the intimate relationships with their customers that gave them the knowledge to build the best product available.

ConfirmByEmail's number one goal is simple. Yes, simple. Everyone is busy in an always changing world. No need to complicate it even more. As ConfirmByEmail grows you can be sure it'll continue to be very simple.